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Mobile Software and Applications

At NxtDimension Solutions, we understand the need for mobility in today's lifestyle and culture. We also understand the role mobile devices and applications play in today's business environment.

We specialize in mobile web applications and Microsoft Windows Phone OS development. Mobile web applications can run on most current mobile devices with an internet browser. Windows Phone is Microsoft's latest mobile phone platform.

Developing applications for Microsoft Windows Phone OS is not just something we do for our clients. We've developed some applications just because we enjoy it so much. You can see some of the applications we have developed below.

Roll Call Application

Roll Call

Roll Call is an event manager for EventBrite events. Roll Call allows a user to view and manage attendance at an event that was set up using EventBrite. View all events, view event details, and track attendance for the selected event.

DomainsOnTheFly Application

Domains On The Fly

Have you ever thought of a domain name and not been near a computer to see if it was available. When the domain name muse strikes, you can rely on DomainsOnTheFly to be there for you! Check for the availability of a domain name whether you are at home or on the go.

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