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About NxtDimension Solutions

Who is NxtDimension Solutions
NxtDimension Solutions was founded in 2001 by Todd Miranda in Birmingham, Alabama. Todd has been a software professional since 1989. He has been recognized as a technology leader in the community and has been asked to present at many user groups and technical conferences. Todd has been awarded the Microsoft MVP award multiple years.
At NxtDimension Solutions, we specialize in Microsoft technologies. We also provide a full line of domain related products and services. With over 20 years of software engineering experience, we can provide a solution that will meet your needs. We apply proven engineering principles and processes to all of our projects, regardless of size and scope.

Our mission is to provide simple, efficient, reliable custom web solutions to our clients at an affordable price. We believe that each client has unique needs. We work with each client to determine their specific requirements and provide the best possible solution.

We understand that you may not know all the technical jargon or technology involved. Once we understand your unique needs, we will present options to you in a simple, non-technical way. We believe that a complex need does not necessarily require a complex solution. We look for ways to simplify the solution without negatively impacting performance and quality. We don't think you should pay for complexity you don't need.

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